Insurance Coverage Every Business Must Have in Oklahoma

Business building

Some businesses may not have adequate insurance coverage, so reviewing your current policy with a Oklahoma independent agent with help you feel safe and adequate.  At The Insurance Center Agency, we can help evaluate your risk and provide a complete package to insure your business.

Some protections businesses need include:

  • Vehicle - if your company uses vehicles, you need to have a complete, comprehensive commercial auto policy. You don't want to have an accident or claim to a business car and not be covered properly.
  • General Liability – it’s best to have a complete general liability package but you may also want to include directors & officers, errors & omissions or professional liability.  If you’re not aware of what all these options, cover contact us to see if that option is good for your business.
  • Workers Comp – all businesses need workers compensation in case of an accident.  It will also cover any medical costs or disability benefits.
  • Property – make sure your business property and assets are properly insured.  This would cover your property, equipment and furniture in case of flood, fire or other loss.

The experienced agents at The Insurance Center Agency can explain all these different coverages and give you a complete risk evaluation of your business.